Chin Augmentation

As we age, the jaw shrinks and we lose projection and definition of the chin. As a result of the jaw bone becoming smaller, the overlying soft tissues have less structure and support and so the skin appears loose and saggy. Restoring volume to the chin can have a significant impact on the facial appearance, both improving the facial contours and proportions as well as reducing the appearance of lax skin.

Chin Augmentation

Both men and women are suitable for this procedure. Patients can present with a congenitally small chin that is disproportionate with the rest of the face, this can be improved by creating volume, length and shape with dermal fillers. Age related changes to the chin complex can be improved with dermal fillers to restore volume and create structural support.

Another important consideration in the aesthetics of chin enhancement is the blending of the chin with the jawline. In the majority of people, the chin is the most forward part of the jawline and should integrate well with the chin, as we age, we can accumulate fat along the jawline in the jowls which often causes a disconnected look between the chin and the jaw as the jowls drop below the jawline. To create a smooth transition between the chin and jawline, filler is placed between the jowl and the chin, thus blending them together, reducing the appearance of jowls.

The Treatment

A cannula or needle can be used to administer dermal fillers to the chin area. However, the chin is a fibrous and muscular area, often a needle passes through this area more easily. In many cases a combination of needle and cannula are used to achieve the best outcomes. Cannula are often more suited to treat the jowl area and needles more suited to inject the centre of the chin, the Skintalks practitioners are skilled in the use of both needle and cannula.

During the consultation process all potential risks and side effects will be discussed in full. How long the results last are very individual to each patient, many factors such as age, skin type, lifestyle, muscle activity and the product used will influence the duration of the result. However, results are usually impressive and long lasting.

An individual treatment plan will be developed to meet your specific needs.

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