Lip Fillers for Fuller Plumper Lips

volbellaFor many people a fuller, plumper and more sensuous mouth comes high on their wish list. From our late twenties our lips start to become thinner with fine lines eventually starting to appear around the mouth. By injecting a small amount of natural hyaluronic filler (dermal filler for Lips) you can restore your lips to the look you desire, whether its to add lost volume or just to redefine the lip contours we are confident you will be delighted by our instant results with Skintalks lip filler enhancement procedures. You decide on how subtle or obvious you want your  lips to appear. This is a treatment ideal for those women who have lost plumpness in their lips through aging or for those women, however young or old, who feel that they need to enhance the natural size and shape of their lips.

juvederm-volbella 1Juvederm Volbella – The New Gold Standard Lip Filler

Until now, the “gold standard” filler for lips has been Juvederm 3. However, the popularity of lip fillers has led to the development of specialist lip filler products and we are now able to offer an alternative more advanced specialist lip product which has a number of specific advantages for lip enhancement treatment.

The key advantages of Volbella are:

Specifically designed for the lip area – results are soft, smooth and have a good shape result.
Made from hyaluronic acid (a naturally occurring ingredient) with patented technology.
Comfortable experience due to incorporation of lidocaine local anaesthetic.
Lower downtime than other lip fillers.
Results can last for up to 12 months.
Less swelling than other products.

lips 2(1)How long does it last, and will I suffer any side effects?

Your lips can be re-contoured with fillers to bring the youthful fuller look back by placing gel along the lip borders (vermillion). Redefining this edge with natural lip fillers will lead to a more youthful and appealing look. The fold that extends up towards the nose (philtrum ridges) can be defined by injecting the gel into them (Cupid’s Bow Definition). There will be some mild volbella2swelling immediately after the procedure but this is to be expected because of the trauma inflicted upon the lips. This swelling should quickly subside however and then the results will be visible immediately. The results  should last anywhere between 9-12 months but this will be dependant on the individual .There are very few possible side-effects with lip fillers but some light bruising might well occur.


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