The Skintalks Operational Policy in response to Covid 19

The Skintalks clinic is re-opening on 26/04/2021.  When you next visit the clinic you will see some changes.  These changes have been made to help to protect you our patient and our staff.

A thorough risk assessment of the clinic environment and the services we provide has been carried out.  The following safety measures have been implemented in our clinic and are in line with government guidance, consensus of expert opinion and professional association recommendations.

The Skintalks team have also undertaken appropriate additional training in preparation for the clinics response to the Covid 19 pandemic.

The Patient Journey

  • All patients will have appointments booked in advance by staff via telephone or email. When making this appointment, staff will screen patients with a questionnaire that gathers information about health, travel history and social circumstances to identify any specific risk factors.  Staff will discuss any concerns with you during this point of contact.
  • We apologise that we are unable to offer the online booking service at this time.
  • Unannounced visits to the clinic are discouraged. However, should you require skin care products, then do contact us and we will arrange a suitable time for your visit.
  • Appointments are scheduled in advance to keep patient exposure time in the clinic to a minimum and to try to ensure only one patient arrives at any given time.
  • We request that patients attend for their appointment alone, if it is absolutely necessary to have someone accompany you, this must only be one other person.
  • We ask that NO CHILDREN are brought into the clinic at this time.
  • Please attend as close to your appointment time as possible. Too early and we may have to ask you to wait outside and if you are late, we may have to reschedule your appointment.
  • On arrival to the clinic you will be met by a member of staff who will guide you on how to comply with our strict infection control measures.
  • At the entrance to the clinic you will be requested to apply a face mask (provided)
  • You will then be asked to sanitise your hands before making your way to the reception area.
  • Hand washing facilities are available in the washroom and wall mounted hand sanitiser stations are positioned at the clinic entrance, in the washroom and in the reception/waiting area.
  • Can we ask that you attend for your appointment without or minimum make up on, this would be really helpful.
  • Bring your own pen for signing documentation. However, if required we do have disinfected pens available.
  • On arrival to the clinic we will ask if there have been any changes to report since completion of the Covid 19 screening questionnaire.
  • In addition to signing the usual treatment consent form, there is now an additional patient declaration form to read and discuss with your practitioner and sign should you consent to having a treatment during the Covid 19 pandemic.
  • Your practitioner will also check your temperature with a contactless thermometer as part of the screening process prior to commencing any procedures.
  • Medical Aesthetic treatments have been categorised into low, medium and high risk. Your practitioner will advise you if it is safe to proceed with your treatment or if it is advisable to defer until a later date.
  • Patients are requested to cancel their 2 week review appointment if the treatment outcome is satisfactory. They should only attend for a second appointment if they feel it is necessary. (This is a temporary measure)
  • Dermal Fillers are known to have a higher risk profile than anti-wrinkle injections. It is pertinent to remind patients that should an adverse event occur and we are again faced with a period of lock down, there may be treatment limitations or a delay in responding to such an event.  A corrective procedure would not be possible during a period of lock down.
  • After care instructions for anti wrinkle injections and dermal filler are available to download /print from our website
  • Unfortunately, toilet facilities are temporarily unavailable at this time.
  • There is a basket to dispose of your mask at the foot of the stairs, as you depart from the clinic.
  • If you are planning to have dermal filler at your appointment please note that it is not advisable to have this treatment 2 weeks before you have your vaccine and for 3 weeks after your vaccine.  There have been reports of immune mediated inflammatory reactions.

The Clinic Environment

  • All brochures have been removed from display throughout the clinic. However, patients can still access brochures by asking at reception.
  • There are signs in the waiting area reminding patients to have minimum contact with surfaces, where possible.
  • Artificial flower displays have been removed from patient areas.
  • There are Perspex screens insitu at the reception desk protecting both patients and staff.
  • There are barriers in place in our reception area, these will ensure social distancing and also remind patients not to touch hard surfaces.
  • Card payment machines are disinfected before and after every use.
  • The reception staff will be wearing a mask and gloves when necessary. They will be sanitising their hands and washing them frequently throughout the working day
  • Unfortunately, no tea or coffee can be served at this time but complimentary sparkling or still bottled water is available by asking our reception staff.
  • There is a strict cleaning regime in place throughout the working day. Treatment rooms are disinfected after every patient contact and practitioners renew their PPE before seeing each patient. Treatment rooms are given time between treatments for sufficient ventilation, cleaning fumes to disperse and surfaces to dry.
  • Air purifiers with HEPA filters are insitu in all treatment rooms to reduce air contaminants (bacteria and viruses) and improve the quality of inspired air for both patients and practitioners.
  • The clinic is professionally deep cleaned, sanitised and disinfected weekly, this incorporates electrostatic spray technology to disinfect surfaces.

Practitioners and Social Distancing

  • Your practitioner will be in uniform, the level of PPE worn will be appropriate to the category of treatment you are undertaking.
  • Social distancing will be maintained between patients and staff until the treatment commences.
  • There will be no social contact, no handshaking or hugging.
  • The practitioner must advise patients that conversation should be kept to a minimum, especially during the procedure.

We are so delighted to finally welcome you back to the services of the Skintalks clinic. We will continue to give updates on the lead up to our opening via social media, newsletter and email.

Thank you to each and every one of our loyal, valued and trusted patients, we are as always humbled by your ongoing love and support.

With warmest wishes

Helena & Darryl

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